Instant reading for instant trainer

Book’s title: The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know.

Author: C. Leslie Charles & Chris Clarke-Epstein.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York (1998)


YOU will enjoy reading this book very much, if you deal with training job or were ‘suddenly’ appointed as a trainer in your organisation. Short paragraph, more tips base on their 35 years of experience and a bit joke make you couldn’t stop reading! The book is divided into two parts. First part is alike of short basic notes for new or instant trainer; meanwhile the second part is in Q&A format (real questions from their clients). Even there is no part three; the appendixes give very good information such as the best resources and one dozen strategies for picking partners. Here are some of my personal notes on this 276 pages book:

Ø      Not just what you present, it’s also HOW you present it.

Ø      Watch or watch again The King & I film; know the trainees, the more to know, the better to reach and touch the audiences.

Ø      Fish for me and I eat today. Teach me how to teach and I eat forever (Chinese proverb).

Ø      A little of lecture is nice but activities give your training spice.

Ø      Yes, your learners learn from you; but you learn from your learners, too.

Ø      As a trainer, you may bring small noisemakers, small clock, heavy-duty extension cord etc.

Ø      SAGE four-step debriefing (self-reflection) model: Share (expectations, reaction etc.), Analyse (why & how that happened in the activity? etc.), Generalise (conclusions etc.) & Evaluate. Debriefing activity may affect the trainer live and die.

Indeed, it’s nothing impossible to be a good trainer by reading and following all of the tips even you are very new in this field.


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