Al-Ghazali, Yatimah, and Islamic study on soul

A BOOK written by Dr. Yatimah Sarmani (almarhumah) and Prof. Dr. Tajudin Ninggal has been published by PTS and is available to buy at the book store. The book entitled Teori Kaunseling Al-Ghazali is focusing on counseling and psychotherapy in the Islamic perspective. Al-Ghazali could and had been recognised as an eminent psychologist besides as a great philosopher in history. He proposed a brilliant personality theory as well as methods in education, behaviour modification, counseling, and psychotherapy. Indeed, the history of Islamic psychology has begun much earlier than Freud and Skinner. As a psychologist and the islamic book lover, you should buy it for your own mini library.

Dr. Yatimah who should teach Islamic Psychology had passed away on October 8, 2007. Al-Fatihah.


2 thoughts on “Al-Ghazali, Yatimah, and Islamic study on soul

  1. This book will review (one suggested reviewver-prof Malik Badri) and Prof. Tajudin Ninggal on 21 july 2010 at senate in Bicara Karya Programme – Programme by Jabatan Pembangunan Sumber manusia and Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah UTM Skudai. We invite anybody who are intrested.

    • Thanks a lot Dr Hashim for visiting my 10 cent blog as well as announcing the book review program. I love it, insha-Allah willing to come and miss the SHY 1083 too.

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